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Your Story is 1 in 7 Billion

Out of over 7 billion (Billion with a "B") people on earth today, no one else has lived your life, experienced what you have experienced or done what you've done, in the same way.

Your individual experiences have made you into who you are today.

Your story deserves to be told.

Your story can inspire others to live better lives, warm them against the path you chose, or give them comfort from your experiences.

I know, you may think, "my story isn't as important as some celebrity or a 'hero'".

I'm here to tell you...Yes It Is!

If you've scaled Mount Everest or if you can write a tell-all book about your time as an insider at the White House, by all means, we'd love to hear it.

However, those are not the only stories that are important.

Having a personal record of life in this time is valuable to people now who are trying to find their way, as well as people who will roam this earth long after we are no longer here.

Getting Your Manuscript Published by A Traditional Publisher is slim to none.

You are unique and your story can cement your legacy, and may even inspire or help all who read it.

But traditional book publishers are large conglomerate corporations who are mainly interested in how many millions of books they can sell.

Chances are, getting your memoir published with a traditional publisher is slim to impossible.


How To Publish Your Memoir

Publishing a print and eBook can be a complicated, expensive and completely frustrating process.

The technology and access is available, but you have to be knowledgeable in every aspect of graphic design, editing, typesetting, import, distribution and fulfillment to publish a book.

The learning curve is steep, expensive and time-consuming, unless you have the time and knowledge to publish a professional book worthy of your story. The smart decision is to have professionals handle it for you.


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Memoir Publishing Service Includes:

memoir editing service

Book Editing Services

You get clarity, grammar and correct punctuation so you can get your point across clearly. Also, so readers don't judge your book badly, based on grammar or spelling errors.

3 Rounds of Editing

Fix any grammar, punctuation, spelling, flow and overall story issues.

memoir cover design

Book Cover Design

Impressive book cover design, so your book can stand out among other books.

Choose between different Covers

Pick your favorite book cover concept for us to customize and make shine.


Beautiful Interior design so your book becomes a joy to read.

Make reading your book a pleasure.

Beautiful design, you can be proud of in Print and eBook.

Book Formatting & Conversion

All files professionally formatted for print and eBook regardless of the platform (Amazon, iBooks, Google, Print)

Take the stress our of providing needed files

Book Distribution 

Make your book available for sale everywhere* books are sold through POD (Print on Demand)

Your memoir, available for sale everywhere* books are sold.

100% Royalties

If you pay for your own book production services, we will distribute your book for free and you receive 100% profit on all sales of your book, regardless of where your book is sold.

We put your beautiful words into an amazing book for readers all over the world.

What our outstanding clients say

You have been amazing throughout the entire process. Thank you so much! My book is amazing and I was the #1 NEW RELEASE when my book was released! Thank you Firebrand Publishing.

Genina Johnson

It was difficult writing my memoir and having to relive some of the most emotionally intense moments of my life. I am grateful that Firebrand Publishing helped me tell me story without changing my voice. I could tell the truth, and shine a light on what was happening in my family.

Trish Kaye Lleone

You've gone above and beyond anything I ever imagined. I know it took a lot of versions of my book cover to get it just right, and I'm happy to say, it's perfect. I appreciate all the help you've given me to get my book published.

Arnold Abbott

Thank you so much for doing the illustrations for my book. Everything was perfect. 

Jasmine Williams

Don't Be Forgotten.
Publish Your Memoir

We are a hands on self publishing company that will help you produce 
an amazing book tailored to your unique goals.
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